Bone Broth for Anti-Aging, Gut Health, Cellulite, Weight Loss, Hair, Fighting Acne and More!

Looks light – but it is actually rather hardy!


The word has been out on bone broth for some time now thanks to countless celebrity endorsements of trendsetters like Gwyneth Paltrow. As an anti-aging expert and weight loss consultant, I can confirm that the magic is true!  We always have something to learn from our ancestors and bone broth is no exception.

When we were a younger society living without processed and packaged foods, we had our own farms and livestock.   Waste and garbage were virtually non-existent at this time because our forbears thriftily made use of everything.  Livestock was food but also, leather, pillow stuffing etc. Today, most people buy parts of animals when they want to eat meat: ribs, breasts, thighs.  The whole animal is discarded elsewhere.  However, by participating in a faster, ‘easier’ life we are missing out on the secrets hidden within what was handed to us i.e. those mysteries locked within the perfection of nature as untouched by man.  The more I learn about them, the more incredulous I am about how they have been overlooked as non-invasive or harmless solutions/cures for health and beauty!

One of the ‘secrets’ is bone broth.  It is a confirmed anti-aging asset as it helps plump skin, diminish wrinkles and supports nail and hair health.  It is full of all kinds of nutrients which help the gut – the seat of all wellness and digestion.

What are the Nutrients in Bone Broth?

Collagen – The main nutrient in bone broth for skin, hair and nails is collagen! Bone broth is loaded with collagen, a protein found in the connective tissue, cartilage, bone marrow, tendons, ligaments and bones of cows, goats, sheep and other vertebrates. Collagen is what maintains skin elasticity and firmness as well as promotes smooth and supple skin.

Bone broth is a wonder for your skin, hair and nails!

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20 Anti-Aging and Immunity-Boosting Benefits to Drinking Aloe Vera

All of us have heard about the ancient, healing wonders of the soothing aloe vera leaves. Some have used the gel as a moisturizer. But how many of you have tried drinking it?

You can buy the drinkable aloe vera juice or gel in any health or organic store. Because I was passionate hedonist, I was concerned with doing everything possible to counteract the ravages of my wild nights. “The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom,” spouted William Blake. And ladies, part of the wisdom that kept my skin wrinkle-free (no Botox yet!) and elastic after many years of reckless naughtiness is: drinking aloe vera as often as possible. Continue reading

Food is the New Plastic Surgery – But Give Your Kitchen A Face-Lift First with these 23 Steps

Power Foods can cause explosions of pleasure in our mouths while making our skin firmer and plumper at the same time.  If you are serious about anti-aging you are going to have to be more vigilant about what you eat – and where you eat. (Since where is linked to the what!).  Even in the best restaurants you have no idea where the food is coming from and if it is organic or wild – or, more likely, polluted and farm-raised i.e rife with antibiotics etc.

The solution? Cook more.  Yes, you are going to have to start going to the market, buying new knives and a blender – and, if you are really serious, a juicer.

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Brush Your Skin and Glow: You Brush Your Hair and Your Fangs Daily – Don’t Forget Your Face and Body!

(Just pretend you are grooming a horse)

(Just pretend you are grooming a horse)

Add a little organic, non-foaming, chemical free face cleaner to this little brush-wand nightly and see the magical results...

Add a little organic, non-foaming, chemical free face cleaner to this little brush-wand nightly and see the magical results…

Yes, it is critical to brush your face and body every day… Or – every other day if you are a little lazy like me.  Skin brushing elevates your glow by cleaning out all the embedded daily dirt.   In my wild days of partying, I was surrounded by smokers and running through the streets and clubs of NYC, London and Paris.  You can imagine the pollution onslaught to my face (and insides).  How did I keep looking like a fresh- faced 22 year old throughout my 20s and early 30s???  I had a little face brush. Every night, without fail, no matter how far gone I was I NEVER missed a night cleaning my face with my little brush.  The brush LIFTS dirt and pollution from your face while the stroking increases circulation and blood flow to an area that has been sorely deprived throughout the day and night.  However, it is important to change your brush often or you will get bacteria in your face.  You can also boil your brushes to clean them.  Where do you buy them? I buy in bulk at Sephora or online.  The natural fiber body brush is another critical addition to your bathroom.  Dry brush before you shower.  Regular strokes up towards the heart from the tops of your knees to your bottom, increase bloody flow and circulation… This has been rumored to help reduce cellulite. I also brush my stomach, boobs etc. You will start to look forward to skin brushing more than you know so try to make it a part of your nightly routine by keeping the brushes out and visible on your bathroom sink.