Say Pooh-Pooh to Expensive Serums: Make Your Own Potent Potion to Fight Aging

Fed up with paying a fortune for serums? Worried about the shelf life of the product you bought – while, at the same time, admiring its exquisite packaging and fragrance? Ladies, don your chef hat because you’re going to cook up a powerful potion to fight ze wrinkles!

It’s really very simple. Go to your health food store (or online or pharmacies in Europe) and buy L Ascorbic Acid – which is another term for vitamin C. Now, this is not the vitamin C that has been packaged as a vitamin for ingestion and it can be quite acid on your skin. So don’t get ambitious and dump a load into a bottle or make little lines for a vitamin snort. Continue reading


Sunscreens – are they Aging You?

I was hunting for a sunscreen for my twenty month old baby the other day and was overwhelmed by the endless options.  I started scribbling down the ingredients to google later and was astounded by the level of toxins in creams approved for children – who are usually more protected by the FDA. Continue reading