Eat Strategically: 11 Foods that Clean Your Body Naturally

Every time I choose what I am going to eat I ask myself: what can this food give back to me? If the answer is nothing (as is the case with processed foods, white starches, sugar etc.) I won’t eat it. I try to always eat strategically which is why educating oneself about food is the first step to anti-aging and better immunity.

Our bodies have a natural detox system that gets rid of toxins that it accumulates from foods and the environment. Help your body work efficiently by regularly indulging in foods that help clean it. We cannot always control our environment and food that is tasty AND detoxifies is an excellent method for battling free radicals, cell decay etc. The below are 11 natural foods that help your body eliminate toxins.  Continue reading

Human Growth Hormone (HGH): The Youth Hormone. 6 Steps to Producing More Naturally

Ever wonder what magical anti-aging potion over-educated, vain women are panting to get their hands on? Human Growth Hormone serum. The kind you can only get at a doctor’s office which is delivered by syringe and usually only available to children with growth issues. Of course, I have looked into buying HGH online and am amazed by the rich assortment of choice. However, a chemical engineer friend of mine told me that all of those products were completely bogus and potentially dangerous and unless I had access to a prescription and a syringe of the real stuff I might as well search for natural methods to increase my production of HGH – or try to summon Gandalf to help. Continue reading

Anti-Wrinkle Creams – Do They Work? Or Do They Potentially Age You? Watch Out Ladies!

Our skin is our largest organ.  What we put on it is, in a sense, “eaten”.  So how many of your skin creams can you eat?  I worked for an internationally famous cosmetics company when I first moved to NYC.  I spent time at their labs.  I worked on the formation of new products and their marketing campaigns.  Most savvy consumers know they are paying for perfume, packaging and advertising.

Those tiny, well crafted, jars of creams where the container usually weighs more than the product are filled with promises.  Promises that you will look like the woman in ad – who probably heard about the cream the day she arrived at the shoot.  I have handed interesting new creams to my chemical engineer friend (always useful to have!) who threw them on his desk with scorn.  How can they possibly stabilize this or that so it enters your skin before oxidation and acts aggressively and effectively?  How can these so-called lipids penetrate the outer epidermal layer? It’s impossible.  Bullshit! And what about all these chemical binders they have injected in here so the cream will blend and have a smooth, creamy look? What about the chemicals used to make the cream smell good? If fragrance is so necessary rub some rose petals on your body! What about the chemicals used to preserve it for a long shelf life? Continue reading