10 Things You MUST Know About Melatonin – A Good Hormone – and Critical to Anti-Aging

Ah sleep.  It eludes me – often.  From late night party hang-overs and early am work to the late night dinner or even later chirps from the baby’s room – I never get enough.  I used to pop a xanex and conk out but since turning unemployed, hippie, homemaker my life (and my ‘prescriptive connections’) have changed.

Studies as cited in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute have shown that if you don’t have enough melatonin, a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer or a man’s chance of getting prostate cancer increase significantly. They have also found that melatonin is the number one anti-cancer hormone produced in the body and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

But what is melatonin and why is it so important to anti-aging? Continue reading

Curcumin – A Miracle Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Spice

Throughout my research on anti-aging, I discovered the unusual (and rather underused) power of herbs and spices.  The average person simply reaches for salt, pepper and tobasco sauce at the table – and indeed these condiments are the few on offer at restaurants or in people’s homes.  Imagine a restaurant that brought you an array of diversified compatible condiments for each dish?

This rainbow of offerings should be on hand at home where you can take a little pride in shocking your dinner guests and family by adding new flavors on a regular basis.  Shake up the spices in your habitual routine by incorporating curcumin.  It’s earthy, warm taste is usually used to enhance curries but I add it to everything – because I know all of its miraculous benefits!

And even before I was a ‘happy homemaker’ I was taking curcumin to counter the effects of my wild hedonism.  It worked! The vampire lives on as Botox free as ever… Continue reading

Tomatoes are Red to Seduce You – Be a Vampire and Go for the Red Stuff

Tommy Toes, a fruit, contains the powerful plant chemical lycopene.  Lycopene helps prevent aging in a number of ways: Continue reading

Exfoliating 3-4 Times a Week Will Prevent Wrinkles

As we age, our ability to effectively slosh off dead skin cells naturally fades.  However, if you are vigilant with exfoliation you don’t need to worry!  Here are some reasons why exfoliation is important: Continue reading

Anti-Wrinkle Creams Don’t Give a Post-Coital Glow So Flush, Blush and Blossom with a Better Anti-Aging Potion… Shea Butter

I knew a girl in Manhattan who was famous for her vast wealth, her couture day wear, her Park Avenue spread and her shiny skin.  Let’s call her G.G. – for Glow Girl.

G.G. was a chain smoker but she had better skin than non-smokers.  After a particularly messy cocktail party chez elle, I cornered her in her bedroom and demanded her secret. We were enveloped in a huge cloud of smoke (we were both lit) and I could barely see her but for the effervescent gleam of her skin which was like a private light source. Continue reading

“Get Into S&M and Stay Young. Spike and Slap Your Face,” says the Mistress of Anti-Aging Agony

If you’re anything like me, you own several pairs of 4 to 5 inch heels.  You are willing to stagger forth unto the night while knowing that you will have to have more than a few drinks to mask the agony of pinched toes and cramped feet.  Buried inside you are visuals of grandma’s bunions, corns and misshapen elephant trompers – an ode to vanity and a warning…  My Grandma Daisy always told me she could spot a woman who had never worn heels by her fat ankles.  Apparently, wearing high heels elevates the muscles in the lower leg thereby thinning the ankle.  Grandma also believed that heels made it easier for men to chase us as we were handicapped in our movements.  She was a firm believer in them. Continue reading

Ban the Botox. Chew Celery Instead for Plumper Skin

Economizing can bite into your Botox budget but you can get plumper skin by eating a few stalks of celery a day.   Celery is rife with a magical mineral called silica.  This mineral helps the firmness and structure of your skin and makes nails and hair stronger.  Because our food is being grown in mineral-depleted soil (thanks to chemicals, fertilizers etc) we are gaining fewer minerals from our food.

Celery is one of the Dirty Dozen of foods grown naturally that are most vulnerable to absorbing chemicals.  Therefore, it is essential that you buy organic. Continue reading

Anti-Wrinkle Creams – Do They Work? Or Do They Potentially Age You? Watch Out Ladies!

Our skin is our largest organ.  What we put on it is, in a sense, “eaten”.  So how many of your skin creams can you eat?  I worked for an internationally famous cosmetics company when I first moved to NYC.  I spent time at their labs.  I worked on the formation of new products and their marketing campaigns.  Most savvy consumers know they are paying for perfume, packaging and advertising.

Those tiny, well crafted, jars of creams where the container usually weighs more than the product are filled with promises.  Promises that you will look like the woman in ad – who probably heard about the cream the day she arrived at the shoot.  I have handed interesting new creams to my chemical engineer friend (always useful to have!) who threw them on his desk with scorn.  How can they possibly stabilize this or that so it enters your skin before oxidation and acts aggressively and effectively?  How can these so-called lipids penetrate the outer epidermal layer? It’s impossible.  Bullshit! And what about all these chemical binders they have injected in here so the cream will blend and have a smooth, creamy look? What about the chemicals used to make the cream smell good? If fragrance is so necessary rub some rose petals on your body! What about the chemicals used to preserve it for a long shelf life? Continue reading