Simple Anti-Aging Secrets was born long after the creation of The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging.

The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging was first written for an ex roommate from Georgetown University.  She was a beautiful hippie who was clueless about feminine tricks to preserve her skin and figure.  Her favorite facial cleanser was a bar of Safeguard deodorant soap.  After explaining to her over and over again the routines I used, I got fed up and told her I would send her a document where everything was broken down.  The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging was born.

From a young age, I was a stickler for a strict beauty regime.  My Father always put an end to any crying spells by holding me in front of a mirror where I would immediately wipe away my tears and start fixing my hair.  My vanity was inherited from my glamorous Serbian grandmother who was famous for her beauty, her diamonds, her red finger nails and her habit of smoking endless cigarettes on long holders.  Towards the end of her life, she never went to bed without making up her face – replete with red lipstick.  If she died in her sleep she wanted to be discovered looking beautiful.

After university I moved to Manhattan where I immediately started working in the fashion and cosmetics worlds.  I met equally vain people and absorbed their tips.  At one point, I covered the fashion collections for http://www.nyt.com on video.  I met all the top models and make-up artists backstage and gobbled up their beauty tricks.  The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging expanded.    With a decadent nightlife that included copious cocktails, cigarettes, little sleep, endless parties and hang-overs, I began to wonder if my hedonistic appetites would age me before my time.  Preservationary-panic kicked in and I researched food and skin care and delved further into the internal and external routines that would stop the aging process.  More and more I began to notice women who looked ravaged from partying.  I vowed that I could have it all. The night life and the perfect skin.  I tried everything. The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging grew.

Over time, I was referred to as a female Dorian Grey.  Or as the vampire.  More and more women – and some men – began asking me for The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging.   I emailed it around the world.  Today there are over 500 copies in circulation.   Women began to ask me to come to their houses to go through their kitchens and bathrooms to customize their internal and external consumption.  I say external because our skin is our largest organ.  What we put on it is akin to its food.  Hence it absorbs all the chemicals from the products we use to “beautify” ourselves.  In the end, everything that women need to make their skin glow, to fight disease, to keep their figures trim, and to maintain healthy hormones are the simple things from the earth that can usually be purchased at a grocery store.   Having worked for a famous cosmetic company, I can tell you that consumers are paying for packaging and advertising – in addition to a tiny amount of cream made up of substances they’ve never heard of and a large amount of preservatives.

A friend who is a chemical engineer laughed out loud when I ask him if this or that substance really works or penetrates the skin.   “You women are all suckers.  You just want to look like or have the life of the women in those manipulative ads” he says…

I have decided to offer a Daily Tip on this blog.   Once you get into the habit of incorporating these tips into your life they become second nature.  I was always a wild woman so this guide is not just for the goody-goodies out there who never drink, smoke or party!  The key is to keep your environment and body as clean as possible and fill it with as much clean food and nutrients as you can.

In fact the first tip is an ode to hedonists and my beloved, chain-smoking, glamazon Grandma Daisy.

The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging is available as an ebook on kindle!

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or an expert.  All of these tips have worked for me and are based upon numerous books, conversations, articles, tips from older gorgeous ladies and old wives tales.  But, they have worked well for me and numerous women.

This website is for informational purposes only, and is educational in nature. Statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing stated on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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