How Not to Inflate Like a Balloon in America

All of my European girlfriends tell me they like to come to America for at least a week a year because by the time they leave their breasts have increased almost a cup size. Thanks to the hormones which are ubiquitous in meat and dairy products I have noticed that many Americans look like they have been hooked up to a bicycle pump and inflated like balloons But these people are in no danger of floating away.


The balloon-look is less common in Manhattan where most people are conscious about food-sourcing and the women are obsessed by being thin and fit enough to compete in Manhattan society. The social x-rays Tom Wolfe wrote about in Bonfire of the Vanities are still here but, I have noticed an increasing ‘puffiness’ of the average girl I pass on the street.   And, I note more and more men with ‘moobs’ – for those of you who don’t know already – this means ‘man boobs’. Yikes! However, the saddest sight is young children, waddling around like dimpled pillows as they carry baggies filled with processed, puffed-up artificial food coated in chemically flavored powder. I have to stop myself from approaching the parents.


As I sit in American restaurants and observe diners, I am baffled as to why people order meat when they go out. Why doesn’t it occur to them that all meat in America, unless labeled otherwise, is filled with hormones and antibiotics? Is the restaurant more concerned with your health than profit? Do you believe they are special ordering grass fed, hormone and antibiotic -free meat for your hamburger? If people want meat, why not special order clean meat from reputable stores or farmers and eat it at home? A thirty year old girlfriend of mine recently had a second brush with breast cancer.   What does she routinely orders at restaurants? Meat.   I watch people take chicken salads and turkey sandwiches for lunch thinking they are eating responsibly – white meat – salad! There is little thought given to the source of the meat – despite huge amounts of information available.  Why is this?


I am not a ranting vegetarian preaching to convert – everyone can eat what they want. But when it comes to meat – wake up America! Start asking questions like: why is the average age a girl gets her period in the U.S. eleven?   Does this strike anyone else as strange? I am not going to even get into the antibiotics which are routinely injected into animals. At the hatcheries, chickens are sometimes injected with antibiotics while still in the shell. Stop and think about what that means for you and your family. By eating antibiotics in our food we are creating super bugs and super viruses that are immune to antibiotics. On top of it, we are obligated by law to inject children under six with a flu shot. Our immune systems can no longer adapt naturally.


But we cannot stop at meat. The same caution should be applied to ordering cheese or dairy products in America. You have to remember, that all milk products have hormones – from the cow. But, non-organic milk is milk from cows that have likely been injected with hormones to produce more milk. If possible, source your cheese from Europe where hormones are not injected into dairy animals. Go out to eat but order a pizza without cheese to go and put your own hormone free cheese on it at home. Stop ordering ice cream on the street. Stick to gelato (dairy free) or sorbet. Don’t get a coffee or tea with milk or a soup with cream. Start getting your meat, dairy and fish fix at home when you eat products you have taken time to source. I no longer bother to explain my views to other parents when I leave my little girl on playdates because I have noted that they often get angry. Indeed, there are so many things to remember… Now, I just tell them that my daughter is allergic to dairy and meat!  I do take the time to explain the facts to my daughter.


But, there is no need to despair!  Get busy and start researching local farming cooperatives where there are clean dairy and meat options. Or try your local Amish store. Just stop ballooning.


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