Homemade Face Masks that Will Make Your Skin Glow Like a Goddess!

Summer is here and I am back in America!  As much as I love the energy and spirit of my country, I worry about the loose regulations around the production and use of chemicals. After ten days in NYC and exposure to non-filtered shower and bath water I could see the toll on my skin – it looked dry and lifeless.  But quick re-vitalization is at hand with proper filtration systems and home-made hydrating face masks.

In a day and age where we can buy everything pre-packaged and where we rush from one activity and web page to another, it pays to slow down and consider that everything we need arrives ready to use in its natural unadulterated state. And these gifts of nature can be found in a grocery store and, hopefully, your kitchen.

The following are eight of the easiest and most refreshing facials masks that you can make at home. They will nourish and moisturize tired summer skin. Remember, sun, sunblock, salt water and chlorinated water can take a big toll on skin so be sure to re-ignite it.



Hydrating Face Mask with Egg and Honey

What you will need:

1 egg

¼ tbsp of coconut oil

1 tbsp of honey


In a bowl beat egg finely. Now to this add coconut oil and honey and once more beat it to make a fine paste. You can keep this pack in an airtight container also and let it be refrigerated for the whole night. In the morning simply apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash off. Your skin will feel hydrated owing to the presence of honey and coconut oil.


Hydrating Face Mask with Olive Oil and Avocado

Avocado is known to be one of the best hydrating fruits for your skin. It contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 9.

While olive oil is known for their therapeutic benefits. In order to make a fine paste do the following:

What you Need:

3 tbsp of olive oil

1 egg white

1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

1 avocado


Just peel off the avocado skin and mash it into a fine paste. Also add vinegar and olive oil to it. In another bowl take egg white and beat it well. Now mix to it the avocado and olive oil paste already made. Mix all the ingredients together and blend well. Apply it on your face and neck covering it evenly and then leave for around half an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water.


Hydrating Banana and Peach Face Mask for Dry Skin

Bananas are known for their moisturizing properties thus they can be considered as one of the best for those with dry and dull skin tones. They are super soft and make your skin smooth too. On the other hand, peaches help to remove excessive oil from the skin which might lead to acne in dry skin.

What you need:

2 bananas

2 tbsp of honey

2 peeled peaches


Take a bowl and mash the bananas and add to it honey and peaches. Make sure you get a fine paste. Now apply it on your face and neck and leave for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


Hydrating Face Mask with Honey and Oatmeal

Honey and oatmeal face mask is known as a nourishing face mask which makes your skin glowing and supple too. Oats are known for their anti-acne properties, help in removing blackheads and make the skin clean and clear. On the other hand honey is known as a natural nourishing agent as it helps to retain the moisture onto the skin.

What you will need:

3 tbsp of dried oats

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp of milk.


Take blender and add to it dried oats, honey and milk and blend well into a fine paste. Let the mask remain on your face for 15 minutes then wash off. You can apply a moisturizing cream after face mask. You will see your skin getting soft and glowing.


Hydrating Face Mask with Chocolate

If you feel your skin needs little pampering and toning then this face mask will surely give you the best.

What you need:

½ ripe avocado

10 almonds

¼ cup water

1 tbsp of cacao powder


Put all the ingredients together in a blender and blend them finely. Make sure you have a thick paste or else it will drip down your face. Now clean your face and massage this paste on your face gently and leave on. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse.


Revitalizing Vitamin C Mask

What you Need:

2 Tbsp plain yogurt

2 Tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice ( you can also substitute lemon)

1 Tsp almond oil


Combine 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons orange juice and 1 teaspoon almond oil in a mixing bowl. Stir the mixture until it thickens. Wash your face and neck with mild cleanser and pat your skin dry, leaving just a little bit of moisture on your skin. Apply the mask over your face and neck evenly, avoiding your eyes, nostrils and mouth. Allow the mixture to sit on your skin for 20 minutes.

Rinse the mask off with warm water, dry your face gently and apply a thin layer of moisturizer to boost this mask’s hydrating benefits. The almond oil will help hydrate your skin and the vitamin C in the orange juice can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, explains Renee Rouleau, the founder of Renee Rouleau Skin Care, in “Good Housekeeping.”


Citrus Honey Mask

What you Need:

3 Tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice

½ cup honey


Mix 3 tablespoons orange juice and 1/2 cup honey in a clean mixing bowl. Stir the mixture to a spreadable consistency, folding the honey into the juice. Spread the mixture over your face after cleansing and rinsing your skin. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes to allow the honey to moisturize your skin.

Remove the mask by rinsing your face with warm water and follow up with your favorite moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and smooth.


Softening Honey-Almond Mask

What you Need:

1 cup Oatmeal

2 Tbsp honey

2 Tbsp buttermilk

½ cup skinless, blanched almonds


Combine oatmeal, 2 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons buttermilk in a blender until the ingredients are mixed together well. Pour the mixture into a bowl and set it aside. Blend 1/2 cup skinless blanched almonds in the blender until they are chopped into fine pieces. Pour the oatmeal, honey and buttermilk mixture back into the blender with the almonds and blend for another 60 seconds or until the mixture is smooth.

Massage a gentle cleanser over your face and rinse it clean. Apply the mask over your face and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. The almonds will help exfoliate your skin, while the oatmeal soothes it and the buttermilk locks in moisture, explains Lydia Sarfati, founder of Repechage skin care, in “Marie Claire.”

Rinse your face thoroughly and apply your normal moisturizer.


  • Do not apply any ingredients to your skin that you’re allergic to. For example, don’t use almonds or almond oil if you have a nut allergy.


  • If you have sensitive skin, test the mask on a small spot of skin to make sure the ingredients won’t cause irritation.

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