Have a Liquid Food Day 1-2x a Week to Slow Aging

It sounds crazy but it’s true.  And the reason is very simple.  Your body is an amazing machine and maintains millions of processes at the same time – detoxifying, passing signals along neurotransmitters, absorbing vitamins and nutrients, battling disease and infection, absorbing oxygen, voiding waste, and producing hormones – to name just a few.

Every time you eat your body produces stress hormones like cortisol and insulin in order to break down solid food and move it and its nutrients to the right places.  Eating frequently throughout the day means your body is constantly under stress – hence aging.  While the bad (stress) hormones are activated, it is much harder for the good (anti-aging) hormones to function.

Energy is a precious resource for the body and if you are constantly munching, you are using up your body’s metabolic energy and distracting it from other functions.  The process of digestion from beginning to end is one of the most energy expensive processes in the body. Did you ever consider that even eating little snacks frequently throughout the day may be the reason why you are so tired?  Did you know that lions have to sleep for a few days after a big kill?  Eating all day long is an energy drain that upsets the balance of your body’s natural metabolic processes.   Three meals a day with a six hour time lag in between (and 12 hours ideally between dinner and breakfast) is the ideal eating routine.  In addition, if you don’t give your digestive system a rest, it is impossible for the body to detoxify, repair and reboot naturally.  But more on this in my next article.

Having a healthy juice or smoothie for breakfast followed by a soup for lunch and dinner means that your body doesn’t have to expend a ton of energy and stress to breakdown the food.  Liquid meals are almost completely ready for absorption and bypass the energy and stress requirements for breakdown. When your body is in a more restful state the aging process is slowed remarkably.

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