The Skin-Firming Anti-Aging Smoothie that is Like Drinking Sex (I’m not kidding)

Grey skies and cold weather getting you down?  Has your love life dwindled to romantic comedies with slappable characters?  Are your kids making your hair grey? Feel like you need a little boost but you’re off the rock star diet?  Well grab your shopping bag ladies because this simple smoothie made every root on my head rear forward like a lion opening its mouth to roar.  I was full, electric, horny and energized all at once.  When I left my apartment I positively BOUNCED along the street and found myself winking at everyone – men and women of all ages.   This smoothie is a drug you can safely get addicted to that doesn’t require a huge budget or a dealer. Drink it and you will feel infected with joy and a desire to spread it!

Now – don’t you want to know what was in that smoothie?

For One Person

Put in a blender the following

Half an avocado

8 large leaves of fresh mint

1 spoonful of coconut oil

Half a fresh mango

Dash of vanilla

2 cups of almond milk

Ice if you like it cold (like me)

Blend and drink immediately.

Anti-aging Benefits of

Avocado – One of the Perfect Foods, this ‘olive oil of the Americas’ fights free radicals and its oil helps to preserve the structure of cells and prevent them from aging. My baby and I eat one per day.

Mint – This tasty and oft overlooked herb helps cleanse the blood and eliminate toxins.

Coconut Oil – Stay tuned for my next article this week (an ode to coconut oil).  It is lengthy so prepare yourself.

Mango – Mango is rich in all vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C), minerals, proteins, carbohydrates (including sugar) and fiber. Their high fiber content helps the elimination of toxins. They are one of the best sources of quercetin, betacarotene, and astragalin. These powerful antioxidants have the power to neutralize free radicals throughout the body. Ailments like heart disease, premature aging, cancer and degenerative diseases are due to these free radicals that damage the cells.

Almond Milk – Almonds are rife with high doses of Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. You will also get a shot of copper, zinc, niacin and selenium.  All of these vitamins, nutrients and minerals boost healthy, elastic skin – as well as your hormones.

Make the smoothie and drink it before you’ve eaten anything else.  Allow one hour to absorb before eating something else.

Follow me in the top left corner for a daily (usually!) anti-aging tip.  You too can be as luscious as a goddess and as ageless as a vampire! Check out my ebook on amazon: The Ultimate Guide to Anti-Aging.

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