Get Addicted to Needles and Roll Your Way to Firmer Skin (knees and face especially!)

I awaken the S&M in me every Tuesday night.   Unfortunately, I play both Master and Servant and the act usually takes place while I am fully clothed.  My instrument of torture?  The micro-needle roller (the generic hence, cheaper, version of the famed dermaroller).

Many of my girlfriends hesitate to buy one for themselves and insist on allowing only their facialist to apply it in a session.  The reason?  The facialist earnestly warns them that only a professional should roll as you may risk injury.  This is utter nonsense!  No one knows you better than you eh?  Personally, I know my pain threshold is high and so I push my micro-needle roller deep into my skin with rhythmic thrusts and strokes (that’s right ladies, you must GET INTO it for results)…

Now, before we go any further, allow me to explain the rationale behind rolling your face with a small roller covered with hundreds of tiny needles.  The idea is to roll vigorously, sending the message to your skin that it has been injured.  The skin will respond right away by producing more collagen – thereby creating firmer, plumper skin.

Given my pain threshold, I like to take things a little further than the average girl.  I ready myself with a wedge of cold, just-cut, organic lemon – primed and oozing with juice.  After rolling vigorously for several minutes on my face and knees (you won’t believe the results on your knees seriously!) I squeeze that lemon juice on and allow the natural alpha hydroxy acid to settle in.  Don’t get me wrong it stings like Hell and your face will be a little red afterwards but just think about all that great, anti-aging acid and vitamin C you’ve pumped into your skin.  Ever bought a skin cream touting the amazing benefits of its alpha hydroxy acids? Well think about this  – how fresh is that cream vs a lemon?  Does the cream have preservatives and perfume too?  Do you really want those chemicals in your skin – your body’s largest organ?

Leave the lemon on as long as you can stand and then rinse with ice cold water and pat some almond oil on.  Sleep and when you wake in the morning note how wonderful your skin looks!

For another post-roll alternative, you can prepare 3-4 hours in advance a full fat milk and lemon cream.  Both milk and lemon contain natural alpha hydroxy acids, but they also work in tandem – over a few hours – to really enhance the AHA content. The lemon juice curdles the milk, which causes the bacteria in the milk to go crazy producing lactic acid (the alpha hydroxy acid in question). After a while, you have a super charged AHA mask that costs pennies – literally.

Lemon-Milk Alpha Hydroxy Mask

  • 1-1/2 Tbsp full-fat milk
  • 1-2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 small wedge of sliced lemon
  • Small bowl

In your small bowl, combine the lemon juice and milk. Stir well, and dunk in the lemon wedge. Leave this on the counter (do NOT put this in the refrigerator, or you stop the bacterial process that you want). It will curdle and look funny; this is good. After 3-4 hours, spread it on your clean face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well.

(Note: Be careful for a few hours if you’re going out in the sun after this mask, as it will cause photo-sensitivity.)

You can buy your micro-needle roller on amazon or other sites on the internet.  Know your skin and if it is sensitive don’t hurt yourself or leave the lemon on too long!

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