10 Foods that Fight Sickness

OK, OK – after a week of writing food lists I am almost done!  But repetition, as I have learned with my baby, is the key to drilling a point home.  If you are reading this site on a regular basis, hopefully, you will be so familiar with my favorite anti-aging foods that you will pop them in your shopping cart without even having to refer to a list!

You may be sabotaging your immune system without even knowing it. Proper dieting, and consuming a blend of foods, and choosing the right nutrient rich foods, are all important to ensure the immune system is very healthy.  The effect of a highly functional immune system is a younger you.

1. Garlic – There have been quite a few studies showing that garlic has antibacterial properties and antiviral properties. The garlic can also help in stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body, and it is also going to work as an antioxidant in your system. And, if you are not a fan of the strong taste, you can always mask it in to the dishes you are cooking, by chopping, dicing, and smashing the cloves, before adding them to a dish.

2. Grapefruit – The high vitamin C content in red or pink grapefruits make them essential to fighting off the common cold, or other illnesses. The rosy color is also an indicator that the fruit has a high number of bioflavanoids, and these are essential phytonutrients to your system. The high vitamin C content produces reactions in the body, and an immunity boost to your system.

3. Mushrooms – Selenium and antioxidants are highly found in button mushrooms. High vitamin B content and niacin levels, also play a role in helping to keep your system safe. Antiviral and antibacterial properties have also been noted in several studies that have been done on animals, giving yet a few more reasons to consume them in high quantities, if you are looking to protect the immune system.

4. Veggies (make them bright) – Cartenoids are very important antioxidants which aid in proper immune system function. Greens, reds, yellows, and orange, are all great colors to consider when choosing vegetables; going with a variety is going to give you a variety of cartenoids, which is important to help with immune boosting capabilities. The more color and variety you can get in your diet, the better.

5. Cauliflower – Cruciferous veggies, including this, broccoli and sprouts, are high in antioxidant vitamins, which are key to helping improve overall health. Choline is also highly found in these vegetables, which helps to keep your cells properly functioning in the body, and helps support gastrointestinal health as well; this in turn keeps bacteria out of your system, meaning fewer illnesses that you are going to contract. Glutathione is also found in cauliflower, which is a powerful vitamin with high antioxidant count, and is great for warding off illnesses.

6. The acai berry – Known for its weight loss capabilities, the super food is also one that is extremely high in antioxidant levels as well. Although the fruit is not specifically linked to being an immune system aid, the very high levels of antioxidants that are found in this berry, make it one of the top choices to include in the mix, and to consume as a part of your diet, if you are trying to ward off the worst illnesses, and keep the body as healthy as possible at all times.  Soak them overnight to make them softer and more easily digestible.

7. Nuts – Not only are they extremely high in protein content, they are also packed with healthy fats that are essential to a healthy diet, and they are high in Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, and very rich in antioxidant levels, which is a common theme among the foods that are best as immune system guards. By consuming nuts on a regular basis, you are also going to find that they can aid in fighting chronic illnesses over a period of time, especially when consumed with a healthy diet and eating plan.

8. Eat the yolk – Although there are mixed reactions about eating egg yolks, they do have their benefits to your diet. As an extremely high in protein content, high levels of zinc and selenium, and other important minerals, all of these things are beneficial to helping with immune system health. Although they are higher in cholesterol when consumed in moderation, and when eaten along with the right foods, egg yolks do have their benefits, and they can help fight the common cold, and other immune system deficiencies and illnesses that you would like to fight.

9. Oysters – It is a well known aphrodisiac, but they are also great at helping you build a healthy system. The high levels of mineral zinc found in oysters, are great to boost your overall immune system health. Zinc has certain antiviral components, and this is something that is essential when you are trying to keep illnesses at bay. It is also great at helping to cure and lessen the severity of wounds, and blood clotting; these are all beneficial components that zinc brings to the diet, and oysters are very high in the amount of zinc that you are going to get per serving that you consume.

10. Yogurt – Live cultures that are found in yogurt, are going to be able to help protect the intestinal tract against gastrointestinal illnesses, and will help to build up an immunity in your system against certain illnesses. From preventing the common cold, to having properties that have been found to help fight certain ailments, even cancer, you can’t go wrong with adding this power food in to your diet regime. Not only is it tasty, and helps to fight off illness, it is extremely high in protein, which is another beneficial factor when you are trying to remain as healthy as possible, and fight common illnesses in the system.

As always buy organic!

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