Eat Strategically: 11 Foods that Clean Your Body Naturally

Every time I choose what I am going to eat I ask myself: what can this food give back to me? If the answer is nothing (as is the case with processed foods, white starches, sugar etc.) I won’t eat it. I try to always eat strategically which is why educating oneself about food is the first step to anti-aging and better immunity.

Our bodies have a natural detox system that gets rid of toxins that it accumulates from foods and the environment. Help your body work efficiently by regularly indulging in foods that help clean it. We cannot always control our environment and food that is tasty AND detoxifies is an excellent method for battling free radicals, cell decay etc. The below are 11 natural foods that help your body eliminate toxins. 

1. Apples – It turns out that the expression ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has a lot of truth behind it. Research has shown that apples are excellent at detoxifying the body; even apple juice that is store bought can help eliminate viruses in the body.
Apples contain a fiber called pectin, and pectin is known to help clear out heavy metals in our body that we accumulate from our foods and environment. In addition, it is known for helping rid intestinal parasites, treating skin problems, aiding in inflammation of the bladder, and preventing liver issues. It is interesting to note that many people going through drug detox take pectin. This includes drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

2. Beets – The liver naturally removes toxins and other substances from the body, and beets are a natural way to detoxify the liver. Therefore, you are giving your liver some extra help to detox the body.
Beets, like apples, contain pectin. Because of this, many medical professional actually encourage patients to eat non-juiced beets so that they can experience the benefit from the fiber. You can use beets in both sweet and savory dishes.

3. Celery- Celery has a few detox properties. It helps to purify the blood, clear out uric acid from the joints, and stimulate the thyroid and pituitary glands. Celery also acts as a diuretic.

4. Onion – According to the Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies by C. Norman Shealy M.D., Ph. D., the onion is by far the most important bulb vegetable in terms of healing properties and detox properties. It can cause the body to ‘weep’ which helps to release toxins through the skin. In addition, it cleanses the intestines.

5. Cabbage – Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties and has long been used as a remedy for ulcers. It is also known as a good food to eat when you want to lose weight; however, cabbage also has detox properties. It contains lactic acid, which helps to disinfect the colon. In addition, along with other cruciferous vegetables, cabbage contains sulforphane, a chemical known to help the body fight toxins.

6. Garlic – When it comes to detox, garlic is king. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin, which helps to remove toxins and promote healthy white blood cells. It also helps to rid the colon of many types of parasites by activating gastric juices. Garlic also cleanses the respiratory system and purifies the blood. And if that wasn’t enough, garlic is also said to help the body get rid of nicotine, and can be a great addition to your diet when you quit smoking.

7. Artichoke – This is another food that is beneficial for the liver. Artichokes have been shown to purify the liver and increase bile production. In addition, they have a diuretic effect on the kidneys, which helps to flush out toxins. IN addition, artichokes are full of antioxidants and fiber, which is good for digestive health and toxin removal.

8. Water – Most people don’t consider this when they think of ‘detox foods’, but it is an essential element to help your body rid itself of toxins as well as to keep all natural processes in the body running normally. For example, when it comes to detox, water transports wastes around the body through the blood (blood is about 80 percent water). All of our tissues and cells need water in order to work well. Even our mental health is affected by the amount of water that we drink (or lack of it). It doesn’t matter how much helpful food you eat for your body if you are dehydrated. When dehydration sets in, it negatively affects all of your body functions including toxin elimination. Statistics show that about 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Therefore, increasing your water intake is one of the biggest things you can do to help your body eliminate toxins.

9. Lemon – In most fasts, you will find lemon as a staple. In fact, the lemonade diet is created around lemons. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, and they have a cleansing effect in the digestive system. Also, lemons are a blood purifier, which aids the body’s ability to expel toxins. If you have skin issues such as acne or boils, then lemon can help remove the toxins that cause those issues as well.
Many people recommend drinking lemon juice in warm or hot water to act as a liver and heart tonic. In addition, it may help to prevent kidney stones.

10. Ginger – This is a great food for your digestion process, which can help speed up elimination of waste and toxins from your body. It is widely known to help expel a cold from the body and stop a cough.
Ginger has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries, and one of its uses is to dispel pathogens from sweating. However, fresh ginger is what is used for this purpose as dried ginger has different properties.
In addition, ginger has a detoxifying effect on other herbs that are harsher, which is why it is often combined with other herbs as medicinal formula. Therefore, add some fresh ginger to your diet to help not only your body eliminate toxins, but also help to counteract harsh effects from other herbs or foods.

11. Carrots – Norman walker (King of Juicing) lived until he was 99 years old, and he promoted carrot juice until the day that he died. Carrots help to cleanse your body of impurities and they are known to help in the treatment of respiratory conditions. In addition, carrots can help to relieve skin disorders, glandular disorders, and regulate menstrual cycles.

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