Say Pooh-Pooh to Expensive Serums: Make Your Own Potent Potion to Fight Aging

Fed up with paying a fortune for serums? Worried about the shelf life of the product you bought – while, at the same time, admiring its exquisite packaging and fragrance? Ladies, don your chef hat because you’re going to cook up a powerful potion to fight ze wrinkles!

It’s really very simple. Go to your health food store (or online or pharmacies in Europe) and buy L Ascorbic Acid – which is another term for vitamin C. Now, this is not the vitamin C that has been packaged as a vitamin for ingestion and it can be quite acid on your skin. So don’t get ambitious and dump a load into a bottle or make little lines for a vitamin snort.

Which brings me to the bottle. Try to find an opaque bottle. But, if you don’t have the time, simply wrap a small bottle with aluminum foil. Voila! Now, mix ¼ tsp of the powder with 4 tsp of distilled water. Mix well. The more ambitious of you may want to add organic vegetable glycerine but I don’t bother.

Take a cotton ball and smear this magic potion on your face, neck and hands. Let 10 minutes pass and then gently smear almond oil on. Now, you must put the serum in the fridge and you can only use it for another 2 nights or it has oxidized and lost its punch. Kinda makes you wonder about how potent the stuff your currently smearing on your face really is?

Don’t let fragrance and packaging seduce you. Like men, the practical one is often better than the charmer. I should know!

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