People Who Drink Green Tea Look Younger than those Who Don’t

I had to convince myself to get into green tea because I was so obsessed with coffee. Now, while coffee does have some benefits (antioxidants, protects against some mental disorders and boosts well-being and functionality) – it is extremely acidifying to the body and thereby, accelerates aging and creates a ripe environment for the proliferation of sickness. I was not won over by the taste of the green tea that comes in the traditional little tea satchels.

The game-changer for me was discovering Matcha green tea. It comes in powder format and is an unusually brilliant extra-terrestrial green color. It has true ass-kicking wake-up power and the taste is stronger than tea bags. When mixed with a bit of milk (or almond or coconut milk) and whisked to a fine froth is becomes an extraordinary concoction that needs to be tried to be understood.

Matcha is said to be even healthier than other green teas, since is the only form of tea in which the whole leaf is consumed. Also, only the finest, youngest leaves are handpicked. You can order it online. It’s a tad more expensive than other green teas but it packs a bigger punch. The price is explained by the fact that only the finest tea buds are handpicked and it takes one hour per mill to grind 30 grams of Matcha. Matcha contains half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. In fact, the tannins in green tea offset the effects of its caffeine.
But forgive me for waxing on about Matcha. What you really want to know is why green tea is so important to drink every day. And here are 6 reasons:

Several polyphenols – the potent antioxidants green tea’s famous for – seem to help keep cancer cells from gaining a foothold in the body, by discouraging their growth and then squelching the creation of new blood vessels that tumors need to thrive. Study after study has found that people who regularly drink green tea reduce their risk of breast, stomach, esophagus, colon, and/or prostate cancer.

Got a cut, scrape, or bite, and a little leftover green tea? Soak a cotton pad in it. The tea is a natural antiseptic that relieves itching and swelling. Try it on inflamed breakouts and blemishes, sunburns, even puffy eyelids. And that’s not all. In the lab, green tea helps block sun-triggered skin cancer, whether you drink it or apply it directly to the skin – which is why you’re seeing green tea in more and more sunscreens and moisturizers.

Having healthy blood pressure – meaning below 120/80 – is one thing. Keeping it that way is quite another. But people who sip just half a cup a day are almost 50 percent less likely to wind up with hypertension than non-drinkers. Credit goes to the polyphenols again (especially one known as ECGC). They help keep blood vessels from contracting and raising blood pressure.

Green tea may also keep the brain from turning fuzzy. Getting-up-there adults who drink at least two cups a day are half as likely to develop cognitive problems as those who drink less. Why? It appears that the tea’s big dose of antioxidants fights the free-radical damage to brain nerves seen in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants (catechin-polyphenols) said to help prevent cancer, heart disease and slow the process of aging. In addition, it contains many trace minerals and vitamins which fight aging (A, B-complex, lots of C, E, and K). The younger and healthier your arteries are, the younger and healthier you are. Plaque build-up in blood vessels ups the risk of heart disease, stroke, and adds to a decline in circulation and thereby, a decline in oxygen to cells. These processes can add years to your biological age by interfering with basic metabolic activity and sapping your energy. How much green tea fights these afflictions? About 10 ounces of green tea a day can deter your body from absorbing artery-clogging fat and cholesterol while also releasing sickness-fighting antioxidants into your system.

Turns out that green tea speeds up your body’s calorie-burning process. Drink one cup an hour before working out to maximize calorie burning.

So go online and order some Matcha tea. Your skin will thank you!

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