Bee Pollen – A Superfood that Fights Aging!

Bee pollen is one of my big anti-aging secrets.  I try to include it in my diet every single day by adding it to my morning juice.  I am so convinced of its magical powers that I don’t even add to my blender when I make a smoothie because so much of it gets left behind in the machine! I add it to my glass and once I’ve drunk the smoothie, I fill the glass with water to capture any left-over residue. Yes ladies, that’s how I obsessed I am with this powerful gold dust…

As an alkaline food, bee pollen benefits and balances the PH of your body.  Bee pollen nutritional profile is one of the most complete in the world.  Use it as an alternative to a multivitamin. Here’s a list of all the bee pollen vitamins and other nutrients:

·         25% to 40% vegetarian complete protein (in pre-digested, free amino acid form)

·         A variety of fatty acids (70% is the omega 3 ALA, 3-4% is the Omega 6 LA and 16-17% is monounsaturated and saturated fat)

·         Simple carbohydrates (many of the same sugars that are found in honey.)

·         All the ‘Bee’ vitamins (including biotin, folic acid, choline and inositol but not a usable form of B12)

·         Vitamin C

·         Vitamin D (which is rare for plant foods to contain)

·         Vitamin E – free radical scavenger

·         Vitamin K

·         Up to 60 major and minor minerals (including some rare elements like gold in amounts as high as 0.9 parts per million depending on the type of flower pollen used.)

·         Nucleic acids such as RNA and DNA (a component found in the diets of many centenarians.)

·         Steroidal and hormonal substances (natural plant sources of these are safe and beneficial)

·         15% lecithin (which lowers cholesterol as well being food the brain and also keeps cell membranes intact.)

·         High on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) scale due to a wide array of antioxidants (it is scored at 164, while blueberries for example scored 61)

·         Rutin (a key antioxidant for strengthening the walls of the vascular system, also helps stabilize vitamin C)

·         Carotenoids such as xanthophyll and alpha/beta carotenes (the more antioxidant carotenoids a mammal gets, the longer it can live.)

·         Bee pollen has at least 11 major enzymes (which are necessary for digestion)! Bee pollen benefits and complements a live food diet since the extra enzymes have an anti-aging effect on the cells of the body.

·         Over 5000 minor enzymes and coenzymes (this is the most enzyme rich product on Earth!)

·         1-3% of pollen is made up of unidentified “mysterious” compounds… Quite likely Ormus minerals (Ormus minerals  – plants or foods like almonds, aloe vera, apricot kernels, garlic, sheep sorrel, royal jelly and white pine bark are said to be rich in Ormus minerals which are touted as the life-giving elements found in all living being. Ormus minerals can help in decelerating the aging cycle and curbing its onset. For example, graying hair, wrinkled skin, and other common signs of aging can be slowed down) which is what makes this food so incredibly valuable and magical!

Bee pollen’s nutritional content can vary according to the quality of the finished product (how it was packaged etc.), as well as the species of flowers that the bees collected the pollen from. Individual bee pollen granules can vary in color and slightly in size depending again on the sources of the pollen the bee happens to be collecting from.

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