Curcumin – A Miracle Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Spice

Throughout my research on anti-aging, I discovered the unusual (and rather underused) power of herbs and spices.  The average person simply reaches for salt, pepper and tobasco sauce at the table – and indeed these condiments are the few on offer at restaurants or in people’s homes.  Imagine a restaurant that brought you an array of diversified compatible condiments for each dish?

This rainbow of offerings should be on hand at home where you can take a little pride in shocking your dinner guests and family by adding new flavors on a regular basis.  Shake up the spices in your habitual routine by incorporating curcumin.  It’s earthy, warm taste is usually used to enhance curries but I add it to everything – because I know all of its miraculous benefits!

And even before I was a ‘happy homemaker’ I was taking curcumin to counter the effects of my wild hedonism.  It worked! The vampire lives on as Botox free as ever…

Curcumin is a substance in the Indian spice turmeric and a relative of the ginger family.  Some call it ‘India’s Gold’.  It counters inflammation ( a major trigger for aging and disease), detoxifies excess estrogen, supports the body’s antioxidant system, acts as an anti-oxidant, is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, helps deal with abnormal blood fat ratios and fights cancer.  While it is a mere spice, it has been used for thousands of years to treat medical conditions in China and India including: skin and digestive problems.

In a paper published in the August 2008 issue of the medical journal Cancer Letters, the authors found that curcumin could target cancers affecting such areas as the lungs, colon, breasts, stomach, ovaries, genitals and colon by blocking the growth of cancer cells. Additionally, Curcumin may stop the growth of blood vessels into tumors which in turn prevents the tumors from growing.  Because cancer is often associated with old age, the authors concluded that one of the best ways to fight an “old-age disease such as cancer” was with an “‘age-old’ treatment” in the form of curcumin.

Because of its great powers to fight disease and reduce inflammation in the body curcumin helps to prevent aging and should be added to your arsenal of anti-aging weapons.  Now that I am writing about curcumin I may even add some to tonight’s homemade facial scrub….

How can you include it in your diet?

·         Sprinkle in eggs

·         Sprinkle on salads

·         Add to stir fry and rice

·         Add to soups

·         Add to roasting vegetables

·         Add to homemade sweet potato fries (cut sweet potato in strips, add olive oil, salt and curcumin and roast)

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