Keeping your Intestine Clean Prevents Disease, Aging and Helps with Addictions! Spring Cleaning Calls for a Colonic and a Cleanse…. (Infographic warning!)

In order for your body to take advantage of all the nutrients you ingest, it is important that you keep your insides clean.   Our immune system is largely contained within our bowels.   Good health begins in the gut.

We live in a toxic environment; from pesticides and strange ingredients in our food, to polluted air, harsh chemicals in our cleaning and beauty products, prescription drugs and excessive stress.  Ninety percent of these toxins enter your bloodstream through the intestinal tract. Toxins suppress the natural, self-healing mechanisms in our body. Our poor liver gets overloaded, trying to do its main job of keeping the body clean and functional.  If it can’t keep up, many of the body’s systems begin to malfunction.

Auto-intoxication is when the body is overloaded with toxins to the point that the liver cannot process and eliminate them effectively.  Instead, they are passed back through the colon wall to the bloodstream where they can cause all kinds of problems and may be deposited in various parts of the body.

As food passes through the intestines, it is digested and we gain the vitamins and nutrients (or chemicals, pesticides and toxins).  However, valuable minerals and nutrients are not entirely absorbed through the intestinal tract because it is lined with solidified fecal matter.  Yes, this is not a pretty visual but imagine (for only a moment) a tube lined with solid, dark, tar-like matter.  Humans were mean to eliminate in the squat position – not at a 90 degree angle on a toilet.  The 90 degree angle does not maximize the exit of solids like the squat (a squat position is also excellent for childbirth!).  The average toilet does not help us eliminate but those funny toilets you find in Japan and in old corners of Europe (the ones you have to squat over) are actually far healthier.   Over time, given the coiling shape of the intestine, there is a certain amount of natural build-up from food particles.  If not flushed, these particles build up to form a tar like layer that prevents the vitamins in food from being absorbed into the body.  As the food goes through the upper and lower intestine and into the stomach, many positive nutrients are not absorbed because of the fecal barrier.   What is the solution you ask?

Cleansing.   Not only will you cleanse away that fecal matter and reap the benefits of more nutrients being absorbed more rapidly into your system, but, (as my first colonist explained) we carry particles that rest in our intestines that send signals to the brain asking for more.   They are like stored memories that remind us that cookies and cigarettes are delightful – why not have another?  Cleansing wipes clean the programming implanted in our guts.

The problem is that the intestine is very large. So cleaning it takes time and is an operation that should be undertaken on a regular basis – be that every year or every four months.  It depends on how toxic and how disciplined you are.  I don’t believe in over cleansing.  The body functions perfectly on its own as long as you don’t damage or inhibit its mechanisms.  Too much cleansing can destroy the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria.

On a daily basis, you can increase digestion and help your system by lying on your back, knees bent and feet on floor and rubbing your tummy in a slow clock-wise motion.  This will help move the food.  Also, those of you who do regular sit-ups are pushing food along!   Most importantly, you should try to chew your food thoroughly as the more pureed it is before it reaches the intestine, the less work your body has to do to break it down and the faster you will reap the benefits of all the minerals and vitamins.  Juicing and eating pureed foods such as soups also helps your body digest more easily and creates less stress.  To eliminate more effectively while on the toilet, put your feet up on the trashcan in your bathroom.  The act of raising your knees will push waste more effectively from your body.

I recommend you ask your doctor to test you for heavy metals and mineral deficiencies just to see what is going on inside you.  From there, you can take action.  A colonic every six months is very effecting for sparkling, tighter skin and a cleanse every 3 to 4 months is also effective (see an excellent cleanse in the below book).  Also, once a week you should have a liquid day – juice, water, soups to help the body detoxify more effectively.  We need to re-train ourselves on how we treat our body.

The fewer toxins you have in your body the more efficiently your body will function.  Cells will be protected and your skin’s collagen and elasticity will flourish.  They say that after the first 2-3 colonics your skin takes on the radiance of a pregnant woman.  I can confirm this!  I can also confirm that the first few times you have a colonic you can lose from 5-10 pounds in your gut of stored matter.  Gross but yay!

If you are serious about anti-aging and staying healthy,  I recommend you purchase:

Clean by Alejandro Junger

It’s a big, big, big wake up call.

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