Pesticides in Produce – The Dirty ‘Dozen’ and the Clean Fifteen

If you don’t know which fruits and vegetables are in the Dirty Dozen list (now actually, the Dirty Fourteen though Dozen falls off the tongue better…) yet you are behind the times.  All of us struggle with balancing our budgets yet those of us who are obsessed with cleaner living and anti-aging are willing to pay more for so-called organic produce.  But did you know that there are fruits and vegetables that are more naturally resistant to absorbing chemicals than others?  And, there is produce that is much more vulnerable to soaking up toxins – generally because they are physically softer.

Therefore, there are certain fruits and veggies (the Dirty Dozen) you MUST buy organic (or you are consuming what amounts to a sponge soaked in toxins/pesticides) while there are others you can buy non-organic (the Clean Fifteen).

This information is also on the amazing site:

If you are craving raspberries or other pricey organic produce, look in the frozen food section.  Often times, you can buy organic frozen produce for far cheaper than the fresh.  Use frozen fruit in smoothies for a refreshing burst of vitamins!

Print and take this list with you to the grocery store until you memorize it!

(Apologies if this has come out crooked!)

The Dirty Fourteen                                         The Clean Fifteen

Apples                                                              Asparagus

Celery                                                               Avocados

Cherry Tomatoes                                           Cabbage

Cucumbers                                                     Cantaloupe

Grapes                                                             Sweet Corn

Hot Peppers                                                   Eggplant

Nectarines                                                      Grapefruit

Peaches                                                          Kiwi

Potatoes                                                          Mango

Spinach                                                           Mushrooms

Strawberries                                                   Onions

Bell Peppers                                                   Papaya

Kale/Collard Greens                                     Pineapple

Summer Squash                                           Sweet Peas

x                                                                         Sweet Potatoes

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