Sunscreens – are they Aging You?

I was hunting for a sunscreen for my twenty month old baby the other day and was overwhelmed by the endless options.  I started scribbling down the ingredients to google later and was astounded by the level of toxins in creams approved for children – who are usually more protected by the FDA.

I am a total nut about what I put on my own face but when it comes to my baby I am 1000x nuttier!

Ladies, the FDA and the EPA are not looking out for you.  Thousands of chemicals are created every year for numerous applications and it is bureaucratically (is that a real word?!) impossible for those agencies to regulate the endless supply of new products.  A lot of these chemicals go into make-up, moisturizers, bath and personal care products and sunblocks.  In Jessica Alba’s great new book The Honest Life she points out: “The average personal care product contains around 126 ingredients.  The government doesn’t require pre-market safety testing on any of them.”

In addition, new technologies like nanotech are enabling chemical particles to become smaller and smaller – guaranteeing better absorption.  Better absorption means that those particles can enter into your bloodstream more easily and spread to all vital organs.  What does this mean for you?

  1. Interruption of natural endocrine processes
  2. Interruption of natural cellular metabolic processes
  3. More rapid aging
  4. Guaranteed sickness down the road – when it will be impossible to prove why you got cancer because you pushed so much crap into your skin for 40+ years.
  5. Infertility
  6. Earlier adolescence and possible infertility for your children since their hormones will not work as they should.
  7. I am sure there are more reasons but those first 6 points should be enough to scare the Hell out of any mother or Vain Woman!

The best sunscreen physically blocks the sun and is chemical free and there is only ONE ingredient that satisfied both these criteria: zinc oxide – non-nano version.

In order to prevent aging you MUST wear sunscreen daily and you should especially put it on:

  • Your Face
  • Your neck
  • Hands – brown spots appear on your hands and will give away your age
  • Elbows – can brown more rapidly and give you darker elephant-like skin
  • Knees – ditto
  • Cleavage – who wants tired, wrinkly boobs?  Keep them pale and bouncy ladies!

In addition to wearing sunscreen you should also:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat – I have 34 – all super chic!
  • Try to cover up as much as possible
  • Avoid being in the sun from 11:30-3 – seek shade, nap, work, eat, make love to a stallion

I look at women who sunned themselves throughout their lives and their skin is like leather and super saggy.  Plastic surgeons will not operate on women who smoke or sun a lot as their skin is unable to repair itself. Covering up is best.

I recommend looking at the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) amazing skin care guide which reviews hundreds of products and gives them risk levels.

Although I do not see the below product on the EWG site, I have ordered it because I trust Jessica Alba and her amazing new company: The Honest Company.  She created the company because she had strong reactions to the chemicals in household cleaning and some personal care products during her pregnancies. She discovered that even so-called organic, eco products are loaded with chemicals and fragrances.  So, with the help of some serious eco-experts she got busy and created her own line of household cleaning and personal care products. You have to love this girl!  Check out:  for her sunscreen.  I love her uber-specific product description which addressed all of my issues immediately.

  • Natural, unscented, broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) 30 SPF mineral sunscreen – everything you need, nothing you don’t
  • Easy to apply, non-greasy, non-whitening (non-nano!) zinc oxide sunscreen provides safe, effective sun protection for the entire family
  • Zinc oxide is the ONLY active sunscreen ingredient – NO harmful chemicals (ever!)
  • Yes – it’s baby-safe! Safe for use on children under 6 months of age
  • Water resistant – tested effective for up to 40 minutes
  • Vegan / Petrochemical-free / Non-nano / Biodegradable / Reef-friendly / Water resistant (40 minutes)

So yes – many sunscreens can, ironically, age you even more than the sun.  But you should definitely wear a THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED sunscreen daily in order to prevent skin cancer and aging from sun exposure.  But don’t forget your hat!

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