Tomatoes are Red to Seduce You – Be a Vampire and Go for the Red Stuff

Tommy Toes, a fruit, contains the powerful plant chemical lycopene.  Lycopene helps prevent aging in a number of ways:

  • Fat soluble lycopene is even more powerful than vitamin A at battling wrinkles because it works well in tissue (skin) that have high lipid and fat levels
  • Lycopene is an excellent warrior in the fight against free radicals which damage skin
  • It improves the functions of cell metabolism – making them more effective – hence better cell repair and stronger collagen – which means fewer wrinkles.
  • Improves communication between our ‘intercellular bridges’ (known as junctions) to improve firmness of skin
  • Can block UV light which produces free radicals in skin – though these levels are not high enough to let you go without sunscreen!
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lycopene reduces skin cell damage and redness

To gain the highest levels of lycopene you must cook them with a healthy fat like olive oil.   You can also roast them and add the olive oil – or pine nuts -for example – later. Raw tomatoes do not release the same levels of lycopene because they are too wrapped up in fiber – which passes through you…

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