Your Knees Will Give Away Your Age Unless… 5 Tips to Youthful Knees

Once upon a time, I had lunch with an elegant old man.  He was a Count – born of an illustrious family and habituated to the company of beautiful woman.  He was a connoisseur of femininity and over a fine lunch in a small restaurant on the left bank of Paris he told me that in the age of plastic surgery and Botox he had one sure-fire way of telling a woman’s age.  Her knees.

So how do you prevent elephant knees?

  • Don’t wear mini-skirts!  A skirt falling to the top of the knee is always elegant.
  • Take your micro-needle roller and roll nightly.  Once at a spa in Johannesburg a bracelet fell off my wrist.  Bending down to retrieve it, my eyes directly confronted the perfect, firm, taut knees of my facialist who was probably in her mid to late 30s.  When queried, she said the secret to firm knees is roll aggressively and nightly.  She told me she rolled until flecks of blood appeared! She then moved lemon over her knees and iced them! This increases collagen and circulation.
  • Roll your knees with a cellulite roller
  • Do not forget to put sunblock on your knees (and elbows)
  • Perform squats and lunges.  I do an exercise where I lie on my back and do 5 sets of 30 where I raise my legs up in the air to form a straight line.  Sounds simple but baby, you’ll feel it.

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