7 Reasons Why Eating Throughout the Day Will Age You

Forget the convenient myth that grazing on small snacks throughout the day is healthier.  It’s not.  In fact, the classic three meals a day with a gap of six to seven hours in between is the ideal anti-aging regime.

The six to seven hour gap is a kind of fasting period for the body.  During this time many magical anti-aging benefits occur:

  • The body is tricked into a defensive state and it works to preserve tissues and cells from damage because the SIRT 1 gene is activated. When the SIRT1 gene is activated, it produces proteins that protect cells from inflammation and oxidative stress, two of the primary causes of premature aging and many degenerative diseases. The gene is a defense mechanism, activated by low calorie consumption, that gives cells an extra level of protection during fasting.
  • During the fasting period the body draws on stored nutrients and fat for fuel in order to rid itself of previously damaged or older cells thereby making way for new cell regeneration.  Thereby slow cell death or apoptosis is eradicated.
  • Fasting produces the excretion of toxins from the body causing runny noses and darker urine.  Blood sugar levels are reduced triggering the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – the great anti-aging hormone.
  • Because fasting causes fat to breakdown as it draws on it for fuel we will benefit from some weight loss as well as reduced inflammation because the body breaks down more rapidly the fat around our organs which can produce inflammatory chemicals like cytokines…
  • Immunity is also increased through the secretion of toxins which preserves the metabolic efficiency of the body.
  • Eating constantly throughout the day puts the body in overdrive as it is constantly working to break down food – a stressful process that can produce free radicals – which increase the aging process.
  • Steady grazing also increases insulin levels which suppress the great youth hormone HGH.

So ladies, organize yourself!  Figure out your work schedule and crack the whip on mealtimes. Make those meals count by feeding the body well with vital, live nutrients – minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

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