Anti-Wrinkle Creams Don’t Give a Post-Coital Glow So Flush, Blush and Blossom with a Better Anti-Aging Potion… Shea Butter

I knew a girl in Manhattan who was famous for her vast wealth, her couture day wear, her Park Avenue spread and her shiny skin.  Let’s call her G.G. – for Glow Girl.

G.G. was a chain smoker but she had better skin than non-smokers.  After a particularly messy cocktail party chez elle, I cornered her in her bedroom and demanded her secret. We were enveloped in a huge cloud of smoke (we were both lit) and I could barely see her but for the effervescent gleam of her skin which was like a private light source.

Quickly she broke under my machine-gun-interrogation.  She was greasing up in order to salvage her skin from her passion for smokes.  Instead of just lubricating the hinges of her face however, she was covering the whole enchilada – with organic shea butter.

Allow me to wax sentimental about the joys of the VERY IMPORTANT shea butter.  Shea butter is a balm made from karite nuts grown on trees in Central and West Africa.  These nuts produce a fatty oil famed for its healing properties; it soothes burns, dry skin and helps renew and regenerate cells and promotes circulation. It even helps prevent sun damage!  Shea butter is so pure and non-toxic that you can use it to cook.  One additional benefit is that this magical balm employs thousands of women in Africa – hence the moniker ‘women’s gold’.  When you buy shea butter you are not only helping yourself not age but you are rescuing poor village women from certain poverty.

Expensive anti-wrinkle creams may out-distance the more modest shea butter in the advertising marathon but they are rife with chemicals, fragrances and preservatives – everything that ages you.  And none of the pricey anti-wrinkle creams make you glow like you just stepped out of the boudoir with Max Irons or John Hamm or David Gandy or Hugh Jackman or David Beckham (or all of them – growl!).

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less oil and lubricants.  We need to work harder to keep skin moist.  The more powdered and matte your face is the older you will look.  Younger women have a natural dewiness.  Re-capture the bloom with the blush butter!

Glow Girls!


Shine on Crazy Diamond!

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