Your Face is a Machine and It Can Crack So Lubricate Your ‘Hinges’ Consistently!

Ever notice those little vertical cracks that appear on the side of your mouth? Or that the line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth gets deeper as you get older? And what about those fine lines above and around your lips?

All of us are unique in the way that our faces move.  Some of us sport a controlled poker face (and have fewer lines!).  Some of us are very expressive – and have more lines.  Some of us unconsciously frown in consternation throughout the day.  Some raise an eyebrow without thinking to punctuate a point.

Your habitual expressions form lines at the point of consistent flexing.   That point is one of your facial ‘hinges’.  Hinges are inevitable and will deepen unless you address them with undeviating aggression.

What to do dammit?!

The red lines in my badly drawn illustration are the most common hinges and first lines of aging.  I suggest you study your face in a mirror and draw your own red lines to understand what to focus on.


The answer is quite simple: moisturize the cracks throughout the day with a thick yet malleable moisturizer such as shea butter.  Actually, because shea is thicker than a cream or an oil I am going to refer to it as a lubricant (and don’t we all love a lot of lube?!)

In my purse, I carry a little container of organic shea butter. It has no fragrance and is clear.  Throughout the day (and with a clean finger), I regularly apply this lubricant to my particular ‘fissures’.   I have been doing this for so long that I have no squint lines around my eyes, no wrinkles on my forehead and a not too deep nose-to-mouth-crack.  People routinely ask if I am Botoxed or how old I am (because as soon as I open my mouth they realize I am no spring chicken but my face is in direct contradiction to the experience I spout…).

Over time, all these little tricks of the trade – the simple anti-aging secrets – form an alliance to ensure a younger you – naturally and without costing a fortune!

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