Ban the Botox. Chew Celery Instead for Plumper Skin

Economizing can bite into your Botox budget but you can get plumper skin by eating a few stalks of celery a day.   Celery is rife with a magical mineral called silica.  This mineral helps the firmness and structure of your skin and makes nails and hair stronger.  Because our food is being grown in mineral-depleted soil (thanks to chemicals, fertilizers etc) we are gaining fewer minerals from our food.

Celery is one of the Dirty Dozen of foods grown naturally that are most vulnerable to absorbing chemicals.  Therefore, it is essential that you buy organic.

In addition to silica, celery has 15% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C which fights free radicals that interrupt your metabolic processes and accelerates aging.  The potassium and sodium in celery also controls fluid levels in your body and can help diminish excess fluid – the kind that creates puffiness under the eyes. Coumarin compounds also protect cell structure and help stop mutations and even trigger white blood cells to fight harmful cells while acetylenic compounds stop the growth of tumor cells. So celery helps to prevent cancer.

Eat your celery raw (LIVE) for best results.  I eat mine dipped in organic almond butter or in a shake.

A great way to start your day is with this anti-aging green drink:

(Use organic ingredients!)

Juice from 2 lemons

2 celery sticks (chopped)

1 chopped cucumber

a finger of fresh chopped ginger

1 apple chopped

a handful of spinach or kale

You can sweeten (if you like) with stevia

Blend well and drink immediately! This will fill you up and prevent saggy skin! Vitamins delivered from fresh organic fruits and vegetables are absorbed better than synthetic vitamins. Also, because smoothies and liquids are already broken down (not solid), your body does not go into stress to break them down.  Hence you do not produce bad hormones!

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