Youth Killers – Things that Age You.

All of the below can affect your hormones, metabolic processes, and damage cells.

  • Anything plastic that you might store something warm or hot in – i.e. hot soup.  Get rid of your blender if the body is not plastic.  Get rid of your plastic spatula you use to make pancakes! Plastic is made with a chemical called BPA that can cause developmental and hormonal problems.  The healthier we keep our hormonal balance the younger we will look.  Buy glass storage containers online or at a store.
  • Anything made with Teflon or non-stick cookware.  Teflon is a non-stick surface – made with chemicals.  If you scrape those chemicals with a knife or if the surface wears down with heat exposure you can be sure they are leaking into your food and you.  Cast iron skillets are your best investment.
  • Over-eating – when you eat, stress hormones go to work to break down food.  If you are always eating you are always producing stress hormones.  When you stop eating your body detoxes and is not under stress!
  • Too much caffeine is dehydrating and robs cells of water.
  • Sodas.  They are utterly useless and totally artificial.  The sugar and bubbles will bloat you and sugar ages. And do you think those artificial flavors and preservatives are helping you? Buy a simple juicer and taste the difference!
  • Processed foods.  Ready-made meals.  Anything with preservatives.  When you eat high amounts of foods seasoned with monosodium glutamate, the walls of your arteries contract in response. Many packaged foods are high in MSG, as are some foods found in fast food restaurants. Preservatives such as sodium and calcium caseinate, yeast extract and hydrolyzed proteins tend to be high in monosodium glutamate as well.  Yup. You got it.  You have to start cooking and going to the store every two to three days if you are serious about not aging.  (Or send someone!)

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