Pumpkin Seeds Pack a Powerful Punch Against Aging

Strangely, (and annoyingly) I have found that the more one eats like a bird the healthier one is.  Fruits, nuts, seeds and water.  Unfortunately, most of us would like to eat like pigs – minus the consequences.  One of the little known power foods out there is the modest little pumpkin seed.  While most of us have gobbled down roasted pumpkin seeds on Halloween the true punch of the this little seed lies in its natural state.  When you heat anything, you are destroying natural properties and oils and depleting the substance of its power or vitamins.  Pumpkin seeds are no exception.  Why are they so powerful?

According to eco-natural.com:

The seeds of the pumpkin are a power food, rich in many nutrients including: Zinc, Vit. E, Vit. A, and the precious omegas: Omega 3 and Omega 6: also known as essential fatty acids (EFAs). Pumpkin seed oil is one of the top three nutritional oils ( hemp seed oil, flax seed oil, pumpkin seed oil ) that provide the highest EFA’s (Omega 3 and omega 6) required for healthy mind/body functioning. Pumpkin seed oil is best used in its raw state.

The oil in pumpkin seeds are filled with antioxidants hence they fight aging and disease.  Pumpkin oil is also said to combat bladder, prostate, cholesterol and blood pressure issues.  Direct application to skin can fight stretch marks and plump skin.  In  fact, because pumpkin seed oil is edible it is one of those fantastic chemical free moisturizers that has no residual side effects.  Remember, if you can eat it, you are less likely to be introducing free radicals or interruptive, useless substances to your body.

I used pumpkin seed oil throughout my pregnancy on my expanding stomach and breasts to prevent stretch marks and I have taken a spoonful at night in order to pass on the nutrients to my baby.  Pumpkin seeds are great in salads and I keep them stored in my refrigerator (as one should all nuts) in order that the oils maintain their vibrancy.

Here are some good ideas from the Whole Foods Website (my fav!) for adding pumpkin seeds to your meals:

–        Add pumpkin seeds to healthy sautéed vegetables.

–        Sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top of mixed green salads.

–        Grind pumpkin seeds with fresh garlic, parsley and cilantro leaves. Mix with olive oil  and lemon juice for a tasty salad dressing.

–        Add chopped pumpkin seeds to your favorite hot or cold cereal.

–        Add pumpkin seeds to your oatmeal raisin cookie or granola recipe.

So be an ageless princess and get in your pumpkin chariot and eat every seed in sight!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Seeds Pack a Powerful Punch Against Aging

  1. Yes, the pumpkin seed is really good for human skin and health. If any one use it as a skin oil they could find the good result. Because it is purely natural and made with healthy ingredients. Thats why most of the people use it as food oil and skin care oil.

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